Friday, May 26, 2006

Attention Economy vs Net Neutrality.

There is this interesting discussion in /. about the costs of a tiered internet.

It has interesting points which highlight the extra burden consumers suffer in this whole _Attention_ economy concept, something which I tried to explain in this previous blog.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Holy Trail

Finally !!!!

I now have,, on which lies The Holy Trail, along side the Clicked Clicks ;-)

Do visit :-o)

Friday, February 03, 2006

A different effort.

I know, this place has been deserted for a looooong time now without any updates....seriously can't help. But I did add a few photos at my clicked-clicks blog.

Anyway, forget it...... I have now got a domain of my own !!! :-)

And have got a free domain hosting service.
And as before can't spend much time on my sites or blogs.
But experimenting with them once in a while.... is good.

You know, having own domain name and site without any ads for free..... feels real good.
Kind of a grown up feeling :D

It doesn't mean I'm mean.... that I only use bitti services. I did pay for my domain name ;-)

site URL? details? will post them when there'll be enough details to write abt.

hope u can take leave now :-)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Not actually a blog but trying to use it as a website. Just trying to put together all free stuffs and expecting to get unlimited storage space for keeping my scrap notes, useful links, musings, project details, photos, videos.....

I have put up My Scrap Book, where I scribble up things while browsing...
Then, there is this Pensive Pouch, which safely will keep my musings...
And my favourite Clicked Clicks, with things my camera shutters captured...

Project details and videos may take a while before they arrive....

But it was real hard to bring in the photos. Of course there are lots of guys giving away photoblogging for free, but it rounds up to how effectively they display my photos and amount of space provided.... I finally rounded up on Flickr and MyPhotoAlbum....

Though Multiply seems to be an attractive option with all text blogging, photo blogging and video blogging, among other things under one umbrella.... somehow, their photo display style isn't satisfactory..... but maybe my videos will choose to go there....

For hosting and sharing my projects, what better site than Only the extra detailed descriptions and useful relevant links may choose to remain here....

This is how 've tried to put together different things.... No idea, how such things actually go about in this world....Would be glad to learn it if u tell me how u have managed yours.... saw some very irresistable options.... but they come with heavy-on-pocket price tags.... so, just trying to squeeze out maximum from what is free.

Now, this is getting interesting....
Cheers !!!!